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Squarespace designer in the UK

Despite the plethora of templates available, you can usually tell a Squarespace design. That's where we come in as creatives. We build custom Squarespace sites that not only look beautiful but stand out from the crowd.

Squarespace design experience

Formed in 2004, Media Surgery is nearly 20 - where does the time go? In that period, we have built over 300 websites, large and small, with clients ranging from the NHS here in the UK to solopreneurs on the other side of the world in Australia.

Remote working as a Squarespace designer in Scotland

Although based in Aberdeen, Scotland, we are a remote company. If you are English-speaking and have an internet connection, you can hire us as a Squarespace designer here in the UK to get your website into shape. Squarespace makes things easier but...

What else do we do?

Whilst we develop websites in Squarespace we also do effective web design in Aberdeen. We also provide a popular web design contract for free.

Web Building Tools

Building a website today is much easier than 15 years ago due to the great builder tools like Squarespace. There is, however, a big difference between a well-built website and a quickly produced 'just get something up there' website. Do you want just a website or a Squarespace designed website that maximises all your business potential out of it?

The Power of Squarespace

While editing content like images and text within Squarespace websites is straightforward, it gives options to add custom code like CSS and JavaScript. These are the two powerful languages that make for unique and custom-designed Squarespace websites. We have been using web languages for nearly 20 years; our design experience makes for speedy builds and editing sites quickly.

Squarespace design editor is outstanding

Squarespace is a brilliant website builder with the highly regarded Fluid Engine editor; the interface and options available are wonderful. It's a custom design that takes Squarespace's aesthetic potential to a new level, though. We undertake a full design process in which your site is designed from the ground up, not just quickly produced in the editor. We specialise in designs that don't look like Squarespace designed sites.

Responsive web design

What the heck is responsive design, I hear you ask? We all used to browse websites on just our large and chunky computers. Now, of course, we browse sites on our phones, TVs, tablets, watches, and everything in between. Luckily, Squarespace makes it easy to design for a mobile view as well as larger devices. Whilst the options are good, it's always best to test in many actual devices that you can hold. This is the most accurate testing environment you can get with colour and layout. We test in many different sizes of phones, tablets and large screens to make sure your site is optimised across all devices, large and small.

Design Process

A fit?

The very first step is to make sure we are a fit for each other: budgets, timelines, and expectations can be a stumbling block. There are cheaper and more expensive Squarespace designers. We work to a high standard of work and a middle tied pricing structure.

The Design Questions

We starts with asking you questions about your business. Your business model, your ideal customer, previous marketing campaigns, where you would like to be in 3/5/10 years, what makes you stand out. Our aim is to understand your business and your customers.


Design research is the next stage, where your competition is analysed and where your website can differentiate you. Mood boards are created where we gather design material that should match the look and style of what we are looking to achieve.


Once we know we are on the right path with the visuals, we go into full design mockups. Now, things get exciting; these will show you what your Squarespace site will look like.

Into Squarespace

Then, it's into Squarespace and create the website for you. It's highly likely we will use extensive custom code to make your online presence unique within Squarespace. This will differentiate you from your competition.


Optional maintenance and content updates can progress after designing in Squarespace.


This work can take 2-4 months if a lot of bespoke work is required. Smaller builds can take 2-4 weeks if expedited.

Squarespace is...

Squarespace is great fun to work with; we enjoy only a few things better than creating a Squarespace site and getting client success stories once up and running. As a Squarespace designer, it makes all the hard work worth it.

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