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We are a leading web design company in Aberdeen, Scotland. We not only design and build websites, but market them to great effect. Beautiful design, and top of Google? That's us. Websites are our thing. Our passion. Our focus. Our commitment.

Today you can build a website at a very low cost with little technical skills required. Wix is free and SquareSpace costs around £15 a month. These are viable solutions when you are on a tiny budget and have substantial time on your hands. The term “You get what you pay for” comes into play here. Whilst these site builder services get you a “website”, they don’t get you a very good website.

The issues with these website builder services?

  1. Your site will look like thousands of other websites and will NOT stand out in a sea of competitors
  2. Your brand message likely won’t resonate as there is no design process
  3. Your site will not be fully optimised for mobile and tablet devices
  4. Your site will be sluggish and load slowly
  5. Your site will restrict high search engine rankings
  6. Your leads and sales will not be maximised

In short you are losing out on business and are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Other Agencies and Web Design Companies: Do you need an extra pair of hands with CMS and web skills?

A large part of our time is spent working with other design/development and marketing agencies that require help in building sites that are powered by content management systems(CMSes). Our skills include using two of the very best out there: ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS. We have been working with these excellent platforms for years. Our experience makes for quick build times which results in a competitive pricing structure. We are based in Aberdeen but utilising remote working, can provide a worldwide service. We operate in strict confidentiality, and can, if needed, work under a 'white label' agreement.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to expand

What does a web design company in Aberdeen charge for a website?

Websites can very from a single page site with basic contact details, to a website that is powered by a team of editors which has thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of pages. Of course the price is going to vary.

We don’t do templates! For a bespoke and custom design with different sections, we charge around £4000. That would be powered by Craft CMS which you can add and edit content such as images, files and text very easily.

We need to be top of Google, is that something you can do?

We specialise in design and marketing, in particular Search Engine Optimisation. SEO has 2 main areas. On page SEO, and off page SEO. We can do both with the later for more competitive markets. Sometimes you don’t need more than on page SEO. We get the ball rolling and start small, with minimal costs initially but can scale up in competitive markets if need be. SEO starts at £1000.

We are not in Aberdeen or even Scotland, can you help us with our website?

Absolutely. With the Covid restrictions of 2020/2021, we were all forced into remote working. Way before then however, we were working remotely. This gives us a reach not just to Aberdeen, but globally.

What’s your web design company process?

It all starts with asking very good questions and listening to your business challenges. From there we do extensive research into your industry to glean vital information. From there we produce strong visuals to get a strong idea of what your audience will resonate with. Once those visuals are confirmed, it’s then into the development process, in which your web site is created.

Do you provide web hosting?

Of course. Over the years we have spent countless hours optimising hosting solutions and configs to get the maximum performance from the server. All our sites as blazingly fast and that’s no fluke. Fast sites mean better search engine rankings.

You are just one of many web design companies in Aberdeen, Why on earth would I hire Media Surgery?

We are good at what we do, focus on business results and provide a very high quality of work. Yet we don’t cost big agency money of £25,000+ for a website!

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