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Web Designers in Aberdeen

The value of good web designers

It’s likely your website is critical to your business. Good web design allows you to get ahead of your competitors. You are giving an impression that resonates with your prospects and how you differ from your competition. Our design work will cut through the noise and position you at the top of your industry.

Clearly, Aberdeen has many web design agencies to choose from. Not only in Scotland, though, with remote working, those options expand to tens of thousands of design agencies around the world.

Why choose us as website designers, then?

  • Your website will be clear, concise and easy to use
  • You will be dealing with the web design agency who actually build your website, not some third party in another country
  • Your site will be tested in numerous real-world devices, not some emulator tool with inaccurate results
  • We know small businesses well, as we are one, we are not just web designers
  • We take great pride in our work
  • Your website will be built for success, not just aesthetically pleasing on the eye

Our services

Kick off

Questions are at the heart of a good web design process, and that’s where we start.

  • We want to uncover what makes you different from the rest?
  • Who your ideal customer is?
  • What have previous campaigns been like?
  • Where you are as a business in 3, 5, 10 years time?

These are just a few of the design questions that we get to know you and how you operate in a competitive field.

Design document

You are then presented with a summary document in which outcomes are mentioned and where we think you can benefit from. Designing a website is a lot of work and it stems from a strong brief.

Style boards

Mood boards are the joining step between the brief and design mockups. They are a collection of visual pieces that we think should be the direction of your website. It may be we have slightly different ideas of what you are looking for. This step saves a lot of time.

Your new design

We typically work with design software to produce visual layouts. Things really start to take shape, and we present designs of what your new website will look like. You will see proposed mock ups with full colour, brand and layout. Iterations can happen after this stage, but we are typically similar to what you, the client, are looking for. Your new website should really be taking shape now.

Web development

Once the design and aesthetic is confirmed, it’s into the technical and coding parts. Your website will be built and directed from Scotland, although sometimes with help from other UK and US developers. Complete testing takes place in a plethora of real-world devices, not commonly used emulators, which give inaccurate results.


Your marketing campaign typically starts now, although the plan would be agreed upon in the summary document. On a larger organic SEO project, we get going with things online before this stage, as search engines take a while to see the changes made.


That big day has come, and we launch your newly designed website online for the world to see. Thoroughly revised and revitalised your new site should see more visitors and more enquiries come in.

Responsive web design

As reliable web designers, we make sure your website will work on all modern smartphone devices, the latest watches and TVs, as well as everything in between. This technically is known as Responsive web design, coined by the renowned designer Ethan Marcotte. It’s nothing particularly new in web design, but it’s the technique that we use alongside mobile-first, which is another method in which you build from mobile devices up, through tablets, then into large screens such as flat screens. Rest assured, your site will be well-built. Enough of the technical stuff, though; you leave that up to us.

Working remotely

Although we are based in Aberdeen, Scotland, we are a remote company. This allows us to provide an excellent level of skill, utilising other experienced web developers when projects require them.

Built for web design results

Your website should be more than beautiful; tangible online growth in your business is what you require. With Media Surgery, you don’t just get a pretty-looking website; you get results from your investment with us. We are web designers in Aberdeen that specialise in creative web design that delivers results.

Frequently Asked QuestionsClick to expand

What does a web design company in Aberdeen charge for a website?

Websites can very from a single page site with basic contact details, to a website that is powered by a team of editors which has thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of pages. Of course the price is going to vary.

We don’t do templates! For a bespoke and custom design with different sections, we charge around £5000. That would be powered by our web design platform which you can add and edit content such as images, files and text very easily.

We are not in Aberdeen or even Scotland, can you help us with our website?

Absolutely. With the pandemic restrictions of 2020/2021, we were all forced into remote working. Way before then however, we were working remotely as web designers. This gives us a reach not just to Aberdeen, but globally.

Do you provide web hosting?

Of course. Over the years we have spent countless hours optimising hosting solutions and configs to get the maximum performance from the server. All our sites as blazingly fast and that’s no fluke. Fast sites mean better a better design experience.

Why hire Media Surgery?

We are good at what we do, focus on business results and provide a very high quality of design work. Yet we don’t cost big agency money of £25,000+ for a website.

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