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#10 Reasons - Make the Craft CMS Control Panel easier to use

The problem?

With Craft’s incredibly flexible custom field options, it can create a problem of overwhelm to people editing through Craft.

About us: Media Surgery provides web design Aberdeen.

This plugin cleans things up a little and makes the control panel more intuitive. Completely free too!

Meet Reasons.

Few notes

Tangent... ! JavaScript

Talking of JavaScript... Content heavy sites should very much work without JavaScript. Building upon HTML and CSS and then utilising JavaScript with progressive enhancement is the way to go.

This allows for functional website without all the bells and whistles and then with that base in place, improving the site with JavaScript.

It's interesting to look at what happens to sites without JavaScript. There is a plugin which can quickly turn on and off JavaScript. Firefox Version and Chrome Version.

Follow along

I hope to do a weekly video, the best way is to follow along on Twitter for Craft CMS tips, tricks and episode notifications.

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