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Paul Henry the clown

Paul Henry


OI Software

We got good process, great inspirations and a real sense of commitment to our success.

Mike J

Michael Johnston

Sales Manager

Alba Power

We feel we are now working with the web rather than against it. Our website traffic and enquiries are up with less expenditure. We are proud of our new site.

Chris C

Chris Collie

Rally Driver


I'v many great comments from fellow drivers and enthusiasts in the rally world about the site. It's been pivotal in me sealing additional sponsorship for next year.

Kieran L

Kieran Levis


Winners and Losers

Media Surgery has helped me to improve my website and blog enormously.

Jim K

Jim Kinloch

Business Owner


Top Service at a Competitive Price : Media Surgery created a top notch WordPress theme that I am very pleased with and I look forward to using them on future projects.

Bill R

Bill Robb


Safety Improvers

Over the past five years I have had excellent service from Media Surgery. They have understood my needs and given solid advice for my five sites. I will continue to use their services.

Steve J

Steve Johnston

Outdoor Pursuits Manager

House of Mulben

Our website has been critical to the growth of House of Mulben over the last few years.

Steven G

Steven Greig

Sales Manager

KirkTown Garden Machinery

Our new website now takes in substantial enquiries and sales, especially for snowmobiles. Thanks Media Surgery!

Graham H

Graham Hygate



Media surgery did a very professional job for us when we needed a new website fast, and were reasonably priced. Recommended.