Choosing the perfect web hosting solution for ExpressionEngine or any CMS

Choosing your web host is very important, a wrong decision and you can become frustrated and start hitting your head against the wall!

ExpressionEngine 2.8 is coming and it's going to be good

A new release of ExpressionEngine is around the corner, 2.8 has some very useful updates

ExpressionEngine Rates Survey

Please take the survey to help out the community when unsure what to charge

Keeping up in an ever changing world

It seems that every day there is a new blog post explaining an innovative technique or a new tool and technology that is going to change web design. How do we keep up with it all?

Our optimised ExpressionEngine htaccess file – Web Performance

The htaccess file is one of the smallest on any Linux powered website yet it's the most powerful. Many problems can arise from an htaccess file.

A belated year 2013 in review for ExpressionEnigne

With 2013 passing very quickly i go over some of the main points and events with ExpressionEnigne.

Pages not linking to themselves: Categories, Stash and ExpressionEngine

You don't want web pages to link to themselves, this is a bad user experience! In ExpressionEngine i explore how to prevent this with the use of the powerful Stash and some templates tricks.

Channel Entries within Channel Entries : The Solutions : ExpressionEngine

Most ExpressionEngine work is done with the powerful and flexible channel entries tag. It's the one where you pull the data / content from your entries as you know them within the control panel. It's by far the most used tag and you need to know it well.

Why use Google Adwords Marketing? Every small business has to try!

The Internet has transformed the way people find information, products and services. Only 20 years ago few people were even using it. Nowadays people cannot live without their ever connected phones.

10 steps to TroubleShooting problems with ExpressionEngine

Troubleshooting is part and parcel of web development. There are countless things that go wrong. Whilst you may be banging your head off the wall one minute finding the solution is a great, embracing feeling. Beating little battles and you win the war.

Ready to get answers and solve real problems... easily? Meet Kaizen.

Kaizen is a Japanese word for improvement and on the face of it seems so simple it can be dismissed, it is however a powerful problem solving technique. As a big part of web design and User Experience (UX) design is solving problems for businesses, Kaizen therefore fits in very well and can be utilised and leveraged.

Enterprise support has come for ExpressionEngine, The Pro Net smothered, but at what cost?

Today Ellis Lab has announced two things, paid support and abandonment of the Pro Net what does this mean for the future of ExpressionEngine?

ExpressionEngine and hacking

EE is seen as a very secure product but it's not immune to hacking. This isn't going to be a ExpressionEngine versus WordPress journal entry but to shorten that particular argument WordPress is victim of its own success.

ExpressionEngine and PHP security

Writing php code within ExpressionEngine isn't possible, without it explicitly being turned on. It's a very easy process to do but has to be done per template rather than a global rule. That means of course you can write raw php code making the possibilities endless in what you can do with your website.