Keeping up in an ever changing world

t seems that every day there is a new blog post explaining an innovative technique or a new tool and technology that is going to change web design. How do we keep up with it all?

10 steps to TroubleShooting problems with ExpressionEngine

Troubleshooting is part and parcel of web development. There are countless things that go wrong. Whilst you may be banging your head off the wall one minute finding the solution is a great, embracing feeling. Beating little battles and you win the war.

Ready to get answers and solve real problems… easily? Meet Kaizen.

Kaizen is a Japanese word for improvement and on the face of it seems so simple it can be dismissed, it is however a powerful problem solving technique. As a big part of web design and User Experience (UX) design is solving problems for businesses, Kaizen therefore fits in very well and can be utilised and leveraged.

ExpressionEngine and hacking

EE is seen as a very secure product but it’s not immune to hacking. This isn’t going to be a ExpressionEngine versus WordPress journal entry but to shorten that particular argument WordPress is victim of its own success.

ExpressionEngine and PHP security

Writing php code within ExpressionEngine isn’t possible, without it explicitly being turned on. It’s a very easy process to do but has to be done per template rather than a global rule. That means of course you can write raw php code making the possibilities endless in what you can do with your website.

Welcome ExpressionEngine 2.5

Today welcomed ExpressionEngine 2.5. After the hurray of this cookie issue with European law as we previously wrote about, 2.5 was delayed for a prolonged period of time.

Responsive Web Design / Mobile design with ExpressionEngine

Mobile is absolutely huge and thats juts going to grow. By mobile we of course mean mobile devices such as Android, iPhone and event tablet devices such as the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy tab. When dealing ExpressionEngine a lot of people question what it takes to get a site working well on mobile?

EE Cookie law and ExpressionEngine

Why has this been legislated in the first place? Did some devil in some back office in Brussels when he was having bad day just dream it up to become famous or draconian? No, it’s a privacy issue. This is what its based on, they have decided for us that third parties should not gain details about users. The question really is however what that information is. If your website is going to be tracking and kinds of personal information used, sent and sold then you might have a problem.

Embeds versus Snippets in ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine is very flexible system with so many different ways to build the same thing. A plethora of extensions make it into an incredibly powerful framework which can do many many things. Even when we are building up templates there are numerous ways to go. With the launch of EE2 after years of delay along came snippets.

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