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Keeping up in an ever changing world

t seems that every day there is a new blog post explaining an innovative technique or a new tool and technology that is going to change web design. How do we keep up with it all?

Ready to get answers and solve real problems… easily? Meet Kaizen.

Kaizen is a Japanese word for improvement and on the face of it seems so simple it can be dismissed, it is however a powerful problem solving technique. As a big part of web design and User Experience (UX) design is solving problems for businesses, Kaizen therefore fits in very well and can be utilised and leveraged.

Why 1and1 MySites is rarely the best option

You will have probably have seen the 1 and 1 Internet campaign that has overloaded our screens, that’s our traditional screens as in TV, over the last few months. They offer an incredible economical way to get your business online.

Internet Explorer background images not showing?

Very simple fix, yet very very easy to css it this way

Jquery and Sifr Error in IE7 - Internet Explorer 7

Annoying javascript error in Internet Explorer 7 solved by linking to the script after another

Should i use tables for layout?

Tables for layout? NO. No. and NO.

WordPress - cant login after upgrade?

After updating to Wordress 2.7.1, on one of our sites i couldnt seem to log in. The page seemed to refresh and not do anything. Here are three things to try to solve the problem.

3 CSS tricks / bugs in Internet Explorer 7

A quick post today with 3 bugs and the solutions iv found to fix them

Absolute DIV not showing in IE6 / IE7 - Internet Explorer

When placing an absolute div within a relative positioned div, in IE6 and IE7 that div disappeared. The content within the div and the div just would not show. An immediate response would be to think of the stack and z-Index but after a few tests it wasnt that.

Jeremy Keith talks web accessibility and html5

Some great quotes from Jeremy Keith, an author and speaker on web design