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Our Free Web Design Contract

Last updated:

Updated for 2024.

In our experience, 9/10 web design projects go smoothly. This contract will help you on those small number of projects that can go wrong.

You can download the contract and have it ready to print off with a client in under 15 minutes.

Most of the contract is fully readable and should make sense to both you and your client, and will help you secure your business. Whilst there are small parts of legalise, it makes for a stronger contract for you.

Your business will be secured, your clients will be happy and you can relax knowing you have a sound document in place all in the unlikely chance of falling out with the client. It’s your business insurance policy, and all for the price of... free! You can thank us later.

Some of the areas covered in the contract include:

  1. Fees Payable ( % up front )
  2. Maintenance fees
  3. Third party operations ( hosting, domains etc)
  4. Correction of errors
  5. Search engine listings (SEO)
  6. Supply of materials ( copyrighted images etc)
  7. Approval of work
  8. Rejected work
  9. Overdue Payment
  10. Offers and proposals
  11. Intellectual Property Rights
  12. Licensing

The 3 parts included in the design contract:

  1. The terms (part 1): the actual terms which you and your client agree to.
  2. The works (part 2): the work that has been agreed to do.
  3. The contract (part 3): ties everything together.

Please spread the word about the contract, so people just like you can have stronger contracts in place.

Download the full PDF contract with parts 1, 2 and 3 now

Contract last updated in 2024.

While this contract have been written and produced by a fully qualified law firm, we cannot accept any responsibility from any matters that may arise.

Still not convinced about this web contract? Just read over the more than 65 genuine and true comments below, left by businesses like yours.


Comment: 1

Thank you so much! We’ve just incorporated after 6 years of sole trader freelancing. Adding “Ltd” to anything, we need to be fully protected legally and after trawling the net for the past 6 days trying to find a decent webdev agreement that costs less than £100, I stumbled on this one.

Had a lawyer look through it and it’s rock solid, whatsmore, it’s of a much better standard than those costing hundreds.

Thank you very much. Link on it’s way guys, you rock!

Comment: 2

Thanks very much for making the terms and web contract template available. To other design start ups like mine this kind of sharing and collaboration is what make the creative industry so great to be a part of.

These documents will be a fantastic starting point and critical as I launch in to engaging clients on our projects at least I will know that there is a solid contract in place.

Awesome, thanks.

Comment: 3
keith Harris

I found the forms very comprehensive and covered more areas than I imagined.


Comment: 4
Stage 6 Designs, LLC

Absolutely the best forms i have found.  Unbelievable tool for freelance designers and programmers.

Comment: 5

Thank you for sharing the templates. Much appreciated.

Comment: 6

I think that this was very helpful, because there are many sites out there offering alot of stuff ,

but the contract layout was great I can take what I want and get the result I am looking for .

Thanks again

Comment: 7

Very useful, 3 parts is so much easier to get through than the usual one!

Comment: 8

Thank you for these, it’s really useful to have this type of resource available freely on the internet even if just to check that existing documents we have are up to date!

Comment: 9
Charlie K

Thanks - useful to be able to have free legal content. As others have said can make use of the different elements as needed. Thanks again

Comment: 10
Mastre Demastre

I think these will give me something to start with. Thank you all.

Comment: 11

This contract form was simple to understand and easy to edit to my needs.. thanks so much.

Comment: 12

I was looking around for good contract example for days. This is the best one I have found! truly highly recommended!

Comment: 13
David Alexander

Simply brilliant, specific to our market and very thorough, the guys at Media Surgery are princes among men. Keep up the good work!

Comment: 14

Very useful, indeed…

Comment: 15

thankyou for such a comprehensive starting point!

Comment: 16

Hey guys!

Thanks for the contract. I’ve been avoiding this part for my website business and came across yours smile  I will return the favor and post your link on my Facebook!

Formatting could use a little work but the Terms document is excellent! Great dharma for you all. Thanks again

Comment: 17
Heather Taylor

This part of the job is always a headache for me, I can’t wait to get on and do the work and your templates, make it possible for me to do so with reassurance! Thank you so much, if only I could find similar templates for music contracts!

Comment: 18

Thank you for hosting and posting this sample contract. As Jane mentioned, it’s a great starting point. Not sure if it is legally binding in the U.S., so I’ll have to do some more research, but thanks again for generously sharing.

Comment: 19

Thank you it saved me a lot of time

Comment: 20
Made Simple Media

Very handy, thank’s a lot for sharing this, you’ve helped out a lot of people!

Comment: 21

Thanks for the contract guys.. It was really helpful.

Comment: 22

Very well done, great starting point, save me a lot of time.


Comment: 23

where can i download the contract?

Comment: 24
Amy Chandler

Brilliant. Just what I was looking for! Thank you.

Comment: 25

It’s great! Thank you!

Comment: 26

thank you for sharing this

Comment: 27

Hello there,

thanks for this I appreciate it pretty much. Just finished changing my details in it and will nonetheless will have my lawyer checking everything but from what I have read it seems to be excellent.

Comment: 28

Thanks for the documents! This is exactly what I was looking for!

Comment: 29

Thank you - it propvdes a very good start and touches so many issues.

Comment: 30

Nice form! Very appreciated!

Comment: 31
James Billingham

Worked great; thanks.

Comment: 32

Very usefull Thx !!

Comment: 33


Comment: 34

design agreement tempate

Comment: 35

Very useful.Thanks a million!

Comment: 36

Been looking for a free contract for web design that was simple enough for me to understand and change, but had all the right legal jargon in. Found this…search over! Thanks.

Comment: 37
Erin McElhinney

Suddenly all becomes clear! Thanks so much for the template, link on its way!

Comment: 38

This is extremely useful

Comment: 39

I spent a lot of time searching for a good sample web development contract and yours were the best. Thanks for the free web design contract template, I’ll be adapting it for my purposes.

Comment: 40
McKiney Josh

Hi, I could not find the link for downloading the doc. Is there a cost involved?

Comment: 41

At last a set of templates that makes legal sense, is easy to modify and does not consist of several paragraphs of gobbledygook that on analysis actually says nothing. This is workable and provides the freelancer with an excellent tool for creating client contracts. Thanks

Comment: 42

Thank you so much for this. Having recently heard about a developer who did not have an inclusive enough contract, where the client took them to court over something that was clearly beyond the developer’s control and the developer lost, having to pay not only the legal fees of the client but also refund all paid fees really got me. Having an ok contract will not cover you when you really need it and get EVERYTHING in writing!

Thanks again! These are great, cover my bum and are easily edited to.


Comment: 43

This is AWESOME!!! Thank you for this.

Comment: 44
Jack Woodward

Thanks this is extremely useful!!

Comment: 45

Thanks guys!

Comment: 46
Tariq Khalaf

Thank you for allowing such a great service and allowing us to use a great template.

Comment: 47


Comment: 48

Great stuff guys!

Comment: 49

great thanks

Comment: 50
annabella bottali

very useful and easy to understand

Comment: 51

Great documents, and seemingly water tight, to my (admittedly untrained) eyes

Comment: 52

Perfect guys, many thanks… I would buy you a beer if I could

Comment: 53

Looking at starting up a web design company and this isn’t just a good outline of standard practice but gives me a better sense of security when dealing with clients. Thanks

Comment: 54

This is great. Thank you. I have spent hours online looking for something like this. So helpful.

Comment: 55

This is a great offering, thanks.

Comment: 56

A very well constructed contract.I really appreciate your work

Comment: 57

Great! Something to start with. Thanks

Comment: 58

After taking a loss when I client I trusted refused to pay I set about looking for a contract to protect myself. This is exactly what I needed and the fact it is freely available is a bonus. Thanks so much

Comment: 59

Valuuable one to move with..!!

Comment: 60

In “the TERMS” - there is a part which says:

Below part (3.6) is optional.

My question is:
Does this mean just part 3.6 is optional or everything below line 3.6?

Thanks to anyone who can clear that up,


Comment: 61


It’s just the part about search engine optimisation that is optional. Below that is an important parts of the document structure.

Thanks. John.

Comment: 62

Thank you for clearing that up John.

Very much appreciated.

Comment: 63

Thanks for the share. Great stuff, just nice!

Comment: 64

this is helpful info

Comment: 65

Great looking docs for any web designer or web developer. Leeds web designers tend to find it difficult to find quality contracts but these are great.

Comment: 66

very nice informations.

Comment: 67

Actually useful perception, many thanks for sharing.. So happy to get identified this publish.. indeed, investigation is paying off. of course, study is having to pay off.

Comment: 68

Brilliant, thanks a bunch,