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DIY SEO - can you do it?

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HTMLShort Answer : Yes

Long Answer:

You will need two main qualities if you want to do your own search engine optimisation. Time and the ability to learn and adapt quickly.

A lot of time will be required. Its not just the initial work of keyword research, competition, setting targets, link building and the actual editing that will have to be taken into account. Looking at industry trends, testing, monitoring results and adding new products or services will all have to be done after the first stage of search engine optimisation.

To learn the basics of seo will take a very minimum of a week of reading and understanding of the system. To carry out all the changes, updates and settings will take a minimum of 2 weeks. You will also need to add time for monitoring and adjusting the site after the initial seo updates.

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Many people / businesses take on their own search engine optimisation to save money. However if you add up all the time, it may in most cases cost more to carry out seo in house.

There are other attributes though that you will need.

Patience – results will NOT take effect overnight. For a new site to just be listed can take anywhere up to 6 months. Changes that are made to the site can take up to a month to take effect.

A neutral and sensible thought process has to be understood. You have to look from within your business and look into your business. The site will have to read and present itself well, to both actual visitors and the search engines.

Some search engine optimisation work carried out internally by some businesses has been very successful, but there have also been some campaigns that have failed miserably. For every business or site that we know that has taken on its own successful seo campaign, unfortunately we know one that has failed. If you or an employee of yours intends in taking on your search engine work, be aware that sometimes they can put your sites rankings at a worse situation that currently exists. Summary

If you have a lot of time and excellent business skills, there is a good chance that you will be be able to carry out a successful search engine optimisation campaign.