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What to do when gmail is down?

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Google’s email service also known as gmail has now been down for over an hour. Its 11:49 UK time here. Here is a quick review of whats good and bad about it.


  • Can run multiple pop3 and imap accounts through it, all located in the one single interface
  • Search facility is fantastic, find anything in seconds
  • iPhone access- works a treat on the iPhone
  • Speed – its usually lightening quick to load and read
  • Web space – it now has 12GB of space – iv only used 12% of that with many large files
  • Its a free service
  • Even the ads can be useful, iv seen me finding some great sites and articles from the ad links


  • There really is only one bad thing i can say about and thats the downtime im suffering from right now. Iv used gmail for over 2 years and apart from the occasional “service is down” message its worked a treat.
  • Ill add the ads in here as well as for the good. They do take up a little bit of screen space but its a minor bad point.

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12:13p: You can get your gmails through your mobile such as iPhone. It seems only the web interface is down for now.

What do you love about gmail? Is it worth it even with todays downtime?