Aberdeen Beach

The beach area is packed with things to do. If you visit Aberdeen, the beach is a must-do. Whilst you can have a wonderful walk along the wide walkway or along the sand, there is a lot more to do than just walk.

The beach runs for over a mile and features groynes to help prevent erosion. These wooden constructs make the beach look compelling. The wide pathway makes it popular for walkers, runners and cyclists. On a day when the sun is shining, the beach is beautiful.

Beach Groynes - Aberdeen Beach

Just a few miles off into the sea, there is a large windfarm. The construction was heavily contested by Donald Trump and his team, who claimed it would ruin the view. Trump’s link golf club is situated a few miles north of Aberdeen, near Balmedie.

Pittodrie, the home of Aberdeen Football, is located very close to the beach. Before and post to games being played, the beach area can be heavily congested with traffic. Many fans park on the beach road and make the short walk over the golf course to the stadium. The club is steeped with history, and in 1983 won the European cup, which is the equivalent of the Champions League today. Spearheaded by Sir Alex Ferguson, 1 of the worlds famous football managers, it was an incredible sporting period for the city and surrounding areas. In recent years, Aberdeen is still a force in Scottish football and normally found high up in the Scottish Premiership.

Aberdeen Lynx are the cities ice hockey team. Behind the football club, they are the second most supported sports team in terms of attendance numbers. Ice Hockey is a fast, high action sport, and if you are in the area and a match is on, go along for an authentic atmosphere and sporting excitement.

There are 3 supermarkets within the Beach Boulevard retail park. As well as a gym and pets store. 900 car parking spaces are available.

The Beach Ballroom hosts many events throughout the year. Large weddings, as well as professional boxing matches, are typical. It’s an ample space with a lot of options for differing events.

Beach Ball Room

The Kings Links golf course is a tough 18 hole golf course. It’s one of the most popular courses in the area and is a real test for golfers, especially if the wind is blowing off the sea!

Sitting alongside the Golf course is the King's Links golf range. Boasting over 50 bays. There are 2 levels, and on the higher level, you get a real feel of being above the greens, hard to stop the ball, though! Stocked with all major golf brands, the shop is a golf fanatics treasure chest.

Fittie / Footdee is situated at the south of the beach. A quint little dwelling with real character.

Swimmers can be found in the sea in the mornings! Yes, even in winter! A brave bunch.


There is a lot to see and do at the beach, a real asset for Aberdeen. Don’t miss it!

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