1. Discovery

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A fit?

The discovery phrase kicks off the web design process. It's all about finding out if we are a fit for you, and you a fit for us. This is a crucial step in the process. If these areas are not discussed then it can lead to failure of the whole project.

As most of our clients are not local to us and that we are a remote company, the discovery calls take place with an online call. It shouldn't last more than 30 minutes. If you are a small business with limited staff time, it can be a 1 to 1 call or it can be with 2 or 3.

This is our web design process. We are web designers in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Questions of budget should come up early as this is one of the main stumbling blocks. Unfortunately we cannot build a website for a few thousands pounds. We invest serious time and resources into every project, we don't cut corners and produce quality over quantity. Heck, you can find someone on Fivvr that will design a website for £75, the problem is that whilst it might be a website, it won't be a very good website! We need time to create success for our clients.

Lifetime value?

Your current traffic and conversion is another important area to be discussed. If you don't know your conversion rate then we will calculate it for you. An quick example would be you get 200 visitors per month, from that traffic you get 5 enquires and 2 of them turn into paying clients. Then your conversion is 1% (2/200). Different businesses have different metrics, but if a client reported a conversion rate of 1% then our aim would be making that into 2%. We have done that repeatedly.

Another question that we do ask is what does success look like for you? Have you got an specific goal in mind the gauge the success of our work? Conversion rate may be that, or it may be you want to say, land one 7 figure client within the next 9 months, with the website being pivotal in the acquisition of that sought-after business or person.

Sometimes not a fit

Unfortunately some clients have unrealistic expectations with their future targets. One was aiming for a 450% increase in sales in the next 9 months. It was quite an established business too. That would a very tough ask. We had to reign in them in a little but in the end they were not a fit.

We also need to understand your required timings. A website ready for the end of next week is just not going to happen. Websites come in all different shapes and sizes, its hard to gauge an average, a website can take between 6 weeks and 6 months. For a medium sized website that you can update yourself will likely take about 3 months from initial contact to getting the site live.

If you get in touch with Media Surgery, we always try to recommend someone to you, even if we are not a fit for you. We appreciate you getting in touch with us and don't lead potential clients down a path with a dead end.

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