10. Marketing

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A site shouldn't remain stagnant - marketing a website is an ongoing process. It's can be hard to know where to start with marketing, as there are so many different platforms and options. What we know best is Search Engine Marketing.

A new way

The internet has turned marketing around. Traditional campaigns were all about getting your name out and interrupting people with your message and adverts. Whilst traditional marketing could be effective, the internet has splintered almost all viewing habits. Now the family doesn't all gather around the television to watch up to 3 channels every evening. These days it wouldn't be uncommon in a traditional household for all family members to be viewing 4 different things on 4 different channels or social media platforms. These habits of a few short decades ago have changed drastically.

Search Engine Marketing is just so much more effective. You are only showing ads to the people that are specifically looking for your business or products. It's said that 93% people of people look for products and services online first. Only a few years ago, if you had said that people would wonder if you were heavily under the influence of alcohol. Compared to a shotgun approach of handing out flyers or putting an advert on a non-related medium, SEO is laser-focused. It's this focus and effectiveness of a website that gives tremendous results.

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2 Options

There are two main options with Search Engine Marketing:

The first is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). These are the “free” links on Google and other search engines. Free can be deceiving though, in competitive niches, it can take a lot of work and resources to get high on the organic listings. Link building is required in competitive niches and that can be a slow process (many months) to see your site rise up the rankings. If you are looking for long-term success and not just a quick win, investment in SEO can result in outrageously good results.

PPC with SEO

If you are looking for an immediate way to get traffic onto your site, then PayPerClick (PPC) advertising is your best bet. You can realistically have targeted traffic to your website within minutes of creating a campaign. The problem with PPC is that it can add up to a considerable investment. That said every single marketing campaign will cost you in time or expenditure. Nothing is free these days. With PPC however, you can turn off the ads just as quickly as you turned them on.

SEO and PPC can work together though. With PPC you get traffic impressions, and from that valuable data, you can go and create an SEO campaign knowing there is a traffic opportunity. If you want more details about how PPC and SEO work together don't hesitate to contact us.