6. Development

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Web development is taking that finalised design and putting it into code and making a complete website. It's a skilled job that takes a lot of knowledge and prior experience, that's ok though, we have that. For speed of development the majority of the work is done which is known as a local development environment. The site is coded on the developer(s) machines. Once complete that design is moved to a real server so it can be live and able to be viewed by everyone. It can be quite technical to get a modern coding environment configured, but once you have done one correctly, it's straightforward enough to get additional environments up and running.

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We take a lot of experience into projects and one thing that we firmly believe in is that site content should appear with JavaScript disabled. Today, JavaScript allows for many things and extra features such as 3D scenes, animation, photo galleries, performance features, as well as much more. Generally, JavaScript makes for better websites, unfortunately, though it's overused by web developers. Frameworks which were initially used for quick prototyping and proof of concept have snuck into live websites. They may work, but when things go wrong the developer or team has little idea of how they work, meaning big issues fixing errors and bugs.

For a business website of a few sections JavaScript shouldn't have to be used to get to the content. Content should be created with HTML and CSS so that the content can be used in as many different devices and browsers as possible. HTML and CSS were built for structure and styling, that's what content is, there is no need for some JavaScript-reliant solution to deliver the content.

Progessive Enhancement

We use a progressive enhancement mindset which means you start off with base features, such as content and build from there. We are not saying don't use JavaScript, far from it, but use it when need be and responsibly. That means very much being aware of the file size of the Javascript and how it can slow down the browser.

Accessibility is also another area upon we focus on with web development. Accessibility is about making the website available to as many people as possible. That includes people with disabilities, impairments and limitations. An example would be someone who has only one arm, or one arm in a sling. We don't pretend to be experts in this area, it's a complicated area but we try and make our websites inclusive to as many people as possible.

No tech talk

We tend not to involve the clients with too much tech talk. They are so busy with their own projects they just want the finished result, ad we find that many are just not that interested. Our clients trust us to get on with the technology part. There are some clients that like to chat about the technology, and that's fine too. Generally, though, you are hiring us to build a website and we just get on with the job.

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