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#3 6 Expert Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts for Squarespace

These keyboard shortcuts will speed up your use of Squarespace. You will feel like a boss using them and your clients will think you are guru.

In the video I have used the term "Command" and "Apple" Key. They refer to same key.

Key equivilents Mac and Windows

ctrl keyN/AControl
Apple / CommandN/A
Up ArrowUp Arrow
Down ArrowDown Arrow

I'm using a Mac, but Windows keys will be shown below, as well.

1.) Text Alignment

In edit mode instead of using your mouse for everything you can use keyboard shortcuts.

Align Left up arrow key ctrl key up arrow key
Align Right up arrow key ctrl key up arrow key
Align Center up arrow key ctrl key up arrow key

2. Show the grid

Hitting the g key up arrow key shows and hides the grid. This is a handy feature allowing you to see the alignment of your blocks.

3. Duplicate, copy and paste blocks

You can duplcate blocks, which is useful and also copy and paste which does similar things to duplicate. To use select the block so there is a blue border.

Duplicate ctrl key d key
Copy ctrl key d key
Paste ctrl key d key

4. Send Blocks forwards and backwards

When you have overlapping block's it's quite common to want to send them back and forward in the Z-Index stacking. Using these shortcuts, just make it easier, especially when you have many to do.

Front / BackMacWindows
Send to the front ctrl key d key
Send to the back ctrl key d key

5. Pressing Escape key on live site redirects

A handy addition is the ability to redirect and login to the Squarespace admin area whilst on your live site. You need to expecity set this up to work though. Navigate to "Settings", then "Escape Key"escape key keyboard Squarespace

6. Quick access admin settings option

I've saved the feature that will save you a lot of time, for last. Just hit back slash key, this will make a search box to appear in which you just type to search. Our most used section is defintely "Custom CSS" and this shortcut saves 4 clicks. It will save a lot of time if you are in the Squarespace admin all day.

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