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#4 What’s coming in Craft version 2.5? (Hint - more excellence!)

Control Panel Layout

Version 2.5 brings with it a much improved look and function with a left hand navigation. The tiny cog in the top right has gone too.

Create Entries within Entries

You are able to now create and entry within an entry in Craft CMS settings. You can also create a category from within an entry too. This will save a lot of time in certain content editing situation.

Reorder and Rename Source Headings

Another great addition is the ability to rename headings that define your entries navigation. You can also drag an drop.

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Customise the Entry Table Columns

No no need for an excellent plugin such as DashCols - You can choose what custom fields and data is shown on the entry listing screen.

Check it out

There are a lot more features in 2.5 than i can cover in a 6 minute video. I highly recommend you check the beta out.

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