Part 2: A more friendly, faster and useful ExpressionEngine control panel?

Update: Please also see Part 1: Control panel and Part 2 : Control panel


Reordering custom fields in ExpressionEngine is tedious at best. Draggable makes for a much better experience. Supports categories and statuses too.

Hidden tab

It is mandatory to have a entry_date and url_title submitted from the publish / edit screen. Hidden tab allows for these fields to be hidden from view, cleaning up the control panel.

Entry Type

One of ExpressionEngine's plus points is the flexibility with custom fields. Entry type allows you to show and hide various fields and allows for easier insertion and understanding for your clients.

MX Title Control

What if the title isn’t a title? This addition the EE add-on family allows you to rename the 'title' on a per channel basis. It also powerfully allows for auto generation of titles taken from other custom fields, categories and date.

EP Mega Error

The ExpressionEngine error message are to put it mildly subtle, and can be easily missed. With Mega Error you would have to have a severe vision problem to miss them now.

MD Character count

This immediate feedback of how many characters remaining to insert in a custom field helps predict what to write.

Quick Save

If you have a long entry page with numerous custom fields this add-on adds submit buttons to the top as well as customary bottom. There is also a save and close option which returns to the edit screen.