March 2014 - A month of ExpressionEngine add-ons

  • ERT FreeGeoIP

    From the users IP it returns a JSON string with Country, region, longitude etc.
  • Scheduled Trigger

    Trigger standard hooks when scheduled ExpressionEngine entries go live or expire.
  • Maxee

    You can remove images from the MaxCDN - content delivery network. Also gives the ability to views stats too.
  • Binder

    Smooth, simple and seamless Binder makes it painless to upload any number of files of any size to your ExpressionEngine site.
  • Live View

    Live view adds one or more iframes to the view entry screen so you can easily display templates that use the submitted channel data on different screen sizes. Optionally you can include a qr-code to quickly test on mobile devices.
  • FaceBook photos

    Allows you to display FaceBook photos on your sites.
  • Trace

    Trace changes to your local-dev Expression Engine database into release files and publish them to your live site.
  • Switch

    Switch is a Grid-compatible Field Type add-on for ExpressionEngine that enables easy either-or switches, coloured switches, and multi-option switches. Came about as Pixel and Tonics Dive bar wasn't available for Grid.
  • Member Autofield

    Fill in member's custom field when he is registered or logged in.
  • Red Carrot Published

    An ExpressionEngine plugin that allows you to check if the current user has published an entry in a given channel.
  • Red Carrot Page

    Displays the current page number without needing to initialize a pagination tag which is great for meta tags...
  • Red Carrot Debug

    An ExpressionEngine plugin that outputs useful data to help folks on StackExchange debug problems.
  • Mailto

    The Mailto plugin constructs a properly encoded mailto: link URL with subject and body. It's particularly useful when you need to encode tags, such as {title} and {current_url}, as part of the subject or body.
  • Str to Time

    Returns a Unix timestamp from a date string.
  • Robots

    Ability to control Robots.txt file based on environment config.
  • Gzip Alternatives

    This plugin allows you to supply alternate paths for gzip enabled and non-gzip capable devices.
  • URL Exists

    This script allows you to check to see if a resource URL exists. It returns a value of "yes" or "no". A common use of this plugin would be to check if an external resource exists within a conditional to set up an alternative if the resource comes back with a 404.
  • Secure Password Management

    Password Manager is an easy way for users to keep track of all of their user names and passwords in one location and allows for limits on who can view it by member or group.
  • Form Refresher

    This plugin allows you to bypass the frustration of not being able to press the back button in browser if a form that has already been submitted and denied.
  • IV Custom Number

    This is a very simple and easily customizable plugin to change number's format. Useful for multi-language sites when a number has to be shown in different formats. Note - for ExpressionEngine 1.
  • SEO Lite Publisher

    This extension will make SEO Lite compatible with Publisher.