January 2014 - A month of ExpressionEngine add-ons

  • Structure Get URL

    This add-on is handy if you are looking to get the page url when out with the channel entries loop.
  • Helpvars

    Similar to Low's Seg to Cat this add allows you to do various things with categories and segments. It also allows you to grab if the page is secure, is an ajax page and if the user can access the control panel
  • Perfect

    Shows the completion of member profiles. Gives an incentive for users to fill in all their profile fields
  • NavEE select

    Adds a field type to help with NavEE selection. NavEE is an useful add on which makes construction of menus and navigation systems easy.
  • Lamplighter

    Is more of a service than an add-on but it ties in nicely with ExpressionEngine. It monitors your sites for which version you are running, as well as notifying you if they are out of date. There is also a small analytics integration and email reports. Works with WordPress and Craft too.
  • ProForm: Publisher

    Allows ProForm to handle multiple languages.
  • RTE Tool manager

    The problem with the built in RTE editor (which was introduced to EE in 2013 as a default field type) is that there is no removal or addition of options, till now. There is also the ability to make custom tool options.
  • Low Search relationships

    This add on allows the relationship titles to be used with Low Search. Low search is much more powerful search option than the built in native search.
  • Easy Email Obfuscator

    Last but not least is an additon to help prevent spam when dealing with email addresses.


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