ExpressionEngine 3 is here! What’s new, exciting and disappointing? In 5 mins...

Control panel redesign

James Mathias has used words such as “Consistent, modular, quick to iterate, feeling familiar but improving”. I think the control panel passes the test and is a big improvement over EE2. Everything seems a lot easier to access and layout out well.

Can’t remember where i heard this but someone said “you are designing 2 websites” Meaning the front end and back end. Don’t forget about the content editors!

EE Control panel v 3

Good job on the CP EllisLab…

Style Guide

A living style guide has been produced for developers to keep consistent within the control panel.

EE Style Guide

Spam Module

A new spam module has been introduced with version 3. It sounds very intelligent and learns from entered permissions.

Template code compatible

You don’t need to learn a whole new tempting language for the new version.

Add-on architecture

Whole new model service replacing the API. It took Eric Lamb about a day and a half to update his popular add-on BackupPro.


Still $300 but you get discussion module + MSM

But MSM sites are $200 each, they were $50

The important Slide

The important EE slide

I’m a little disappointed with the feature set in EE3, but in Derek Jones (EllisLab CEO) keynote he showed a slide which grabbed my attention.

One click updating, modular content, custom fields anywhere… These all sound like great additions. Hopefully sooner rather than later EllisLab!