EE Developers: You should buy this book right now!

Git / Version control

A large part of this book is taken up by version control.

If you are not using version control in 2015 for every project you build then it’s absolutely the next thing you do.

I picked up many good points from that section but a lot of it was very similar to what we do at Media Surgery.

I was planning to get a video out there on Git but if you follow the guide then that would cover most of what i was going to talk about.

Tip: Disabling certain parameters in the channel entries tag

{exp:channel:entries orderby=“date” .sort=“desc” limit=“10” disable=“categories|custom_fields|member_data|pagination”}
<a href=“{title_permalink=‘channel/comments’}”>{title}</a><br>

[Note the dot in front of the sort]


Worth the price alone. Get everything out of the root directory as possible

The book covers Masuga Designs folder structure and reason for doing so.

Above web root is explained in great detail.

Config files and setup through GIT.

Show your 404’s in Google Analytics? Yes you can

This is super handy for any site and i know i will be setting this up in all sites from now on.

We have previously used an EE add-on but it seems discontinued fourohfour

Keep it Simple Stupid

A great statement for all design and development work


After reading the book I will be adding more comments. Useful things like if templates routers are used , if php input / out put are on, embeds replied upon and add-ons used within that template.

Inheriting a site - beware!

Be warned it can turn into a nightmare.

We know that feeling!

Don’t commit to a project until you have delved into the code first. There are some EE horror stories out there.

A win, win for both you and the client is for them to pay you to review the site AND document your findings.

So even if you don’t take the project on, the documentation should help future developers and the client gets value from your review.

Great value for money

The pdf book costs $49 and I’d be very surprised if you didn’t learn many things about EE.

Just the way other developers build things is incredibly interesting and makes for great learning.

The author has made a very useful, pragmatic and at times humorous addition to the list of EE resources.

Over 200 pages packed with info. Buy now!

This review is completely impartial and honest and i received no compensation from it. As a experienced ExpressionEngine developer i highly recommend the book.