Don’t mess up! Critical things you must check when Launching an ExpressionEngine site


The hatches file maybe is very small, but it’s deadly! You want to either try and force www in the domain or have no prefix at all, choose one or the other. You also want to check redirects from an older site. They can act like they are cached sometimes, so you may need to restart browser.

You also want to remove index.php from the urls, check this blog post out with our actual hatches file.

Local and Live

You are all working locally to test things? If not the web development police will be on your tale!

Make sure that your file paths and settings have been updated.

You wouldn’t be the first person to think as it looks ok you are doing everything right.

If you have left the server running locally, it may well be serving those images / assets when you think you are only on the full site.

A good tip is to test the site on a completely different device.


Critical that the info sends successfully.

Recommend to clients to check every week in the CP

Great add on - Escort - $9 sends all mail through ManDrill - reliable, trackable and accountable

Possibly run into problems with mail sending from own domain going to - TEST and get clients to whitelist in their email application when testing locally.


JB Graphite - shows stresses on server - useful add-on!

Minimise SQL calls - Some add-ons can be misused to produce literally thousands of SQL. Something to watch out for!

Embeds are not the devil but try and reduce as much as possible. Site with 1/2/3 should be ok but when you are using 10/20 it may be a big problem

Not just the quantity of calls - it’s what each call does!


Test your urls manually and try and break your site.

Using require_entry on the channel entries tag and no_results tags can clean up a lot of non working 404 pages.


Your host needs to be reliable

Be very wary of hosts you don’t have experience and are less well know.

Only really know how good they are when things go wrong.

Make the client aware that extra fees may be chargeable for time liaising with their web host of choice.

Post Launch

Search log - seen new businesses spawn from only this data. Gold Dust - review with client

Spam - you may need to use a different spam prevention mechanism.

Google Index site:

Backups - web host thing but can also use something like BackupPro

You naturally want to keep ExpressionEngine software up to date, as well as all add-ons.

Non EE

Favicon, Search Console (formely Google Webmaster Tools)

Google Analytics - very easy way to test - Realtime tab on the left nav.

IE testing and mobile - BrowserStack

Next Week

I will be covering an and coming add-on recently released into the community.

Did i miss anything? Please comment below…