Don’t be caught out with these ExpressionEngine Gotchas!

Parse Order

Dreaded ExpressionEngine parse order is one of the downsides to EE. It can be very complicated when you get into it. One of the work arounds with parse order is to use embeds. Watch out though embeds can be bad for site performance. See LOW Parse Order guide

You may have not come across parse order yet if you are working with standard templates, as your skills increase, it’s a good idea to understand it though. Even if just knowing in what situations you can run into problems will be beneficial to you as a developer.


Your htaccess file is one of the smallest files that powers your site, it’s also one of the most dangerous. If you are having issues with urls, then one of the first places to look is at your htaccess file. Please have a look at our htaccess file

Dynamic = no

When starting off with EE and even when you have a few years development under you, this can catch you out. Be default EE will try and read your urls for channel entry matches. If you are seeing unexpected data and channel entry fields appearing then make sure this parameter is set within your channel entries.

Disabling feature

Inside your channel entries you want to use the disable tag for performance issues. Disabling categories for instance does as you would expect so if your categories are not as expected then double check this.

Template Path

This is another thing that can easily catch you out. If you have just moved site and see a blank page, the first guess would be an php / EE error. Your turn on errors and the page is still blank… Double check your template path!