A more friendly, faster and useful ExpressionEngine control panel?

Please also see Part 2: Control panel and Part 3 : Control panel

Cp Menu Master

Allows you to hide channels from publish and edit screens. Useful if you don't want your clients to add new content to a channel or not edit existing entries. Small added extra of not having to click for the top menu.


Gives access to links such as your custom fields, channels, much quicker!

Zoo Flexible Admin

A little like CP menu master but more powerful. An intuitive drag and drop interface allows you to completely customise your menu system. Different menus can also be created for differing menu groups. Other features allow for a custom page upon login and also hiding the sidebar, which the majority of CP usage ignores.

Template variables

An accessory in which shows your custom fields. Handy when you have forgot them what exactly you named them.

Responsive theme.

Makes the control panel much more usable on a variety of devices.

Client hand off

We have modified this to show video tutorials so the client has them in the site same area.


Zenbu. If your site has many entries and you struggle to find them then Zenbu is for you. It supercharges the edit screen with many more viewing selections. Searches are powerful and can even be saved. CartThrob support turns it into a product manager. If you are also storing member data in channels then it can be a powerful profile editor. On a large site this can be a huge time saver.

Thanks to Nico De Gols and Nicolas Bottari for the licenses to trial their respected add ons.