4 Game Changing and Hugely Powerful Add-ons for ExpressionEngine


This is a great add-on used in the right circumstance. If you have nested content of 3/4/5 levels then it will make your content easy to see and edit. It’s not for every site though, although a lot of calls have been made for Structure to be natively including in EE. We shall see what EE3 brings. Finger crossed.

Expresso Store

Store is now the premier e-commerce option for ExpressionEngine. With CartThrob being abandoned from last week it will only get stronger. Whole sites can be powered by Store and it has enough flexibility for it to be a dedicated e-commerce option. What i love the most about it is it’s tags that make it easy to create a checkout of your own design. A lot of other e-commerce options have a shoehorned design and that’s not the way you should roll. Custom design and no technology considered from the off is how you want to create web projects.

Low Reorder

Content on sites can take many forms, sometimes the client wants to reorder very specifically. When you don’t need the nested capabilities of Structure, Low Reorder can come to the rescue. Support is handled by Low himself and it is very prompt. I’ve had replies and fixes within minutes from Low, while he is chilling out with a beer on his houseboat :-)

Super Search

Last but far from least is Super Search. This is not that well known in the community but the word super describes it delightfully. It can be used for a replacement for the channel entries, with the right kind of content site, it’s very powerful. If you are struggling to get native search to stretch to what you want then Super Search can be utilised. Urls can be dynamically constructed and then pages are created from that. Very useful add-on used in the right situation. At only $50 an absolute bargain.

Post video release

Low also has his own search module which is similar to Super Search and can provide the service of the url construction noted above, i believe.