Welcome ExpressionEngine 2.5

Today welcomed ExpressionEngine 2.5. After the hurray of this cookie issue with European law as we previously wrote about, 2.5 was delayed for a prolonged period of time. Ellis Lab took the very cautious stance of making sure cookies can either be disabled completely or are consented into. Yes into rather than out of. The user has to confirm their use on any membership site, in which this module is enabled. Off course you don't have to enable it in the first place. From our point of view we will advise clients on this but from a pragmatic point of view this changes very little from any membership site. The module is called Cookie Consent and is available as a free download rather than bundled with the default and core install of ExpressionEngine 2.5..

This is also a security upgrade in which is not normal, the potential breach will be of very little threat but keeping software up to date is always a good thing and is just the right thing to do..

The other big news with 2 and a half is build in What you see is what you get editor, (WYSIWYG), pronounced Wiseewig. Albeit a very lightweight and subtle editor it will have its uses. The handy thing about it is that it can be installed on the front end of site and in particularly comments. This means your comments can be marked up very quickly by your sites visitors..

There is also some useful new developer hooks which tie into the newly rebuilt cookie area.

Theres nothing else startling about version 2.5, which will hopefully be addressed in the next blog post in which the area of innovation with EE will be discussed..