Making the right choice At Media Surgery we use ExpressionEngine for the majority of our projects.

At Media Surgery we use ExpressionEngine for the majority of our projects. Flexibility, reliability and customisation some of the few many benefits. That however doesn't mean it's the best fit for every project.

Take E-commerce, ExpressionEngine is a content management system and best suited for large complex content based sites.

It can however be extended to made into a full e-commerce system. There are 3 main add ons that give it this extra functionality. CartThrob, Brilliant Retail and Expresso Store. All of these systems have their merits, and it's way out of scope of this journal entry to review each, unfortunately. That said it doesn't mean that we would advise a client to use ExpressionEngine every time for a commerce based website. We would probably in most instances advise to use the hugely powerful Magento for a site that is mainly used for selling products. Also if a site is mostly content based with added commerce on top then that's where these ExpressionEngine E-commerce systems really come into their own. Magento falls way short in delivering a reliable and flexible content site or sections of a site.

ExpressionEngine is probably and certainly in our opinion the most flexible CMS in the world today. We build sites that are incredibly easy to use and hugely powerful data heavy sites, EE allows us to do this.

Even for lightweight content sites then use and recommend WordPress to some of our clients. WordPress is not a content management system, it's a blogging tool. For lightweight sites say of 10 static pages and a news or blog system WordPress can be a very cost effective solution for clients. You and we certainly have ran into numerous problems with WordPress though when its stretched to do more.

Only last week we had two enquires from clients that were looking to build upon their sites on Joomla and Drupal.Both these jobs required a large marketing campaign as well as site build. For search engine purposes there is no better choice than EE, unfortunately though we recommended other agencies with these coding skills. We could have easily rebuilt the site in EE, but it would have been wasted budget for the clients. As we have discussed, choice the right tool for the right project, thats doesn't always involve ExpressionEngine or your agency.