ExpressionEngine Rates Survey Results

By Gender

GenderCountLowest day rateHighest day rateAverage

By Age

AgeCountLowest day rateHighest day rateAverage

By Skill

SkillCountLowest day rateHighest day rateAverage
Front End Developer373201000660
Back End Developer8120937.50658( omitting $120 would be an average of $807E589/£484/)
Other (IA, UX, PM etc)64901000748

Some skills over lapped hence more than 49 total

Average lowest priced projects

The average lowest project worked on value was $2364. There were a number who mentioned they produced work for charities for free.

Average valueCount
Under $20001
$2001 - $400013
$4001 - $600011
$6001 - $80007
$8001 - $100008
$10000 - $200009

Average highest priced projects

The average highest priced project worked on was $27,320. The median value was $23,500. The highest being $175,000


First thanks to all who took part, rates can be an alluding and tricky subject at times.

There were over 50 submissions but with duplicates and 2 entries of very low value i decided to take them out as they would skew the data. These values of $10 and $8 for day rate were also maybe false or if true must have been from developing countries. I was initially going to include them but for more accurate data it was decided to remove those low submissions

In next years survey i will include geographic data. A lot more work but it would be another interesting demographic to study.

Some interesting data. Personally i'm a little surprised at the overwhelming number of front end developers. I expected that number to be in the majority of back end developers. It shows that ExpressionEngine really appeals and has attracted a huge number of front end devs.

There are some massive projects put together with ExpressionEngine.

Overall i'm very pleased with how it went. Twitter pulled in a number of entries and it was topped up with visiting and reaching out with Director-ee. Thanks again to all who took part and please look out for next years survey/