ExpressionEngine 2.8 is coming and it's going to be good

EllisLab have been quiet of late, up to no good it seems with some tasty ExpressionEngine updates. Up till now natively caching has always been done within a standard file system. That is caching to static files much like we ftp, yes those kind of files. As of 2.8 and taken from CodeIgniter caching such as MemCache and Redis will be available. The performance gains are large and on heavily used sites this will be a welcome addition.

Relative Dates

Another addition is relative dates. That is something like The next event will be in 2 weeks, all outputted automatically from the simple date picker. This is a handy feature which is be used on many ExpressionEngine sites.

Template layouts

Stash allows us to do many things, one is keep our html in single files, whilst it works around ExpressionEngine quirks. Template layouts allows for the html and assets to be kept in one location yet reuse the template code in different ways. So instead of having single files for a standard header and footer, that would be in a single file. Handy and useful. Unfortunately as Low pointed out on Twitter there is the same performance hit as with using embeds. That isn't ideal but template layouts keep templates in much more logical order and are sure to help a lot of ExpressionEngine developers build better sites.

More secure forms

A few tweaks have been made to forms with cross site request forgery (CSRF) being tightened up. The option is being removed from the control panel but there being an override in the config file options available. Expiring logins can be useful if in a public area but to most developers they are a pain. The login modal will no longer show if “Remember me” is checked. Handy,

That sums up the publicly released updates so far. There may be more, we will have to wait and see but there are some very useful updates to EE 2.8, it's a hotly awaited update, one with more updates than we have seen for some time.