EECI 2012 links - ExpressionEngine Conference Lieden May 30/31st

Unfortunately myself and Simon couldn’t make the ExpressionEngine conference this year due to workload, hopefully next year! Some of the speakers have however generously put their slides up:

Filip's workflow is similar to our own and his tip about turn off social media is something we have been doing for a while. We differ slightly in trying to do sprints. 1 or 2 solid hours of work then a 10 minute social burst. Its something to look forward to and doing sprints is something that can improve workflow and productivity greatly. No Skype, No email, no Twitter for large periods of time. Works wonders.

Chris Imrie's talk gathered a lot of eager ExpressionEngine folks attention by the impression on Twitter. I really need to look into this further but by using the EE API's has produced some magic with javascript that allows on the fly custom fields which allows more control for clients producing content as and when they need. It looks transformational and look forward to giving this a try.

Leevis Graham talked about Theming

In his talk he announced NSM – (Newism) Site Generator which looks upon building themes for ExpressionEngine quickly.

EE Engine

Joel Bradbury talked about the EE Engine and another new add was announced Graphite which shows the debug output in a handy graph which will show performance in a easy to understand way. Very handy indeed!

Iain Urqhaurt talked about getting into EE development from a design background.

Last but certainly not least fellow Scot, Steven Grant presented a Multi Language.

This blog post was for our own reference as much as anyones else’s with the links to all the content in one place but it seems that EE Insider got their first. Oh well its done now :-)

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