Displaying ExpressionEngine code on the front end

In the Low Variable sand Matrix post, I had some trouble getting the ExpressionEngine tags to display on the blog post, into human readable format. When you have problems, when they are solved you generally learn a few things and it wasn't any different here. When you know how, it's pretty straight forward.
It was solved by searching and replacing the code in a text editor, that was the easiest way and the way it will be done in the future.

  • An curly opening bracket { is equal to 123;
  • An curly closing bracket } is equal to 125;
  • An less than < is equal to 60;
  • An more than > is equal to 62;

(Remove space between the hash and number in live use)

Looking upon other sites they seemed to have very attractive and colour coded syntax, this was found to be powered by PrettyPrint which is hosted by Google.

Looking into other options, the Allow EE Code plugin is the opposite what I was looking to achieve, it allows EE code to be run within a custom field. There may be security issues with this but a useful ExpressionEngine add on in the right situation.