Tips and Strategies for Selling ExpressionEngine

Selling to the right audience

There are a lot of tyre kickers around that can waste precious time. You want to screen these folks as early as you can. Red flags could be raised with clients that are trying to screw you down on price.

ExpressionEngine quotes can range from £1000- £100,000 and everything in between. You can be too cheap, which has lost us work in the past. Most people are afraid of pricing too high!

The difference in £5k is almost nothing for a SMB, it’s all about the value you perceive. If you are the right fit then they will happily pay you more, it’s not all about the financials as many believe.

Be genuine

Telling lies and and hiding important points will get you nowhere fast. If you are up front and open about the points the client may well not like is a good strategy.

Your long term aim is 2 work on great projects with regular clients and for a prolonged period of time.

Show them EE

The client have heard this term "easy to use” a number of times, showing them a real EE install can be very beneficial.

If time allows recreate a specific section of their current site and show them live editing, they should appreciate the effort you have put in and be impressed of how easy to use EE is.


WordPress is a victim of its own success. It’s estimated that 25% of websites are powered by it. It’s an astonishingly high figure and it has to be commended.

EE doesn’t even have 1% of the market.

Due to this success WordPress is a target for hackers. Naturally they will look for vulnerabilities on well established platforms.

We had a WordPress breach a while back and it was a nightmare to get the site back to where it was.

WordPress is a blogging tool at it’s core and its a very good one. Stretching it to behave like a full CMS can be very troublesome indeed.

Love EE

Saying to the client or giving them the impression you really enjoy working with EE can be a selling point. Don’t over do it however they are not paying for you to have fun.

Trusted Brands

The BBC, Ford, Sony and Nike are all using ExpressionEngine to maintain there content. Pointing this out should be a big selling point to potential EE clients.

Maintenance agreements

We are a firm believer of maintenance agreements and don’t take on clients without one. Keeping the software up to date is important and they also help with cashflow. Healthy communication is great for your client relationship.