Why use Google Adwords Marketing? Every small business has to try!

Marketing can and is still seen as art by many. Google Adwords changes this in which you can track what you do and spend to the nearest penny. The Internet has transformed the way people find information, products and services. Only 20 years ago few people were even using it. Nowadays people cannot live without their ever connected phones. Encyclopedias, dictionary’s, phone books and even books are quickly being consumed onto digital format. Peoples use and connection to the world via the web and Internet are only going to increase.

Lets say you are a small antiques dealer in a bustling tourist town. People are going to find you these days more by their mobile phones searching on the Internet, rather than some large heavy book or leaflet they pick up. Whilst only paying for clicks when they visit your site, rather than say page views this makes it hugely targeted and focused marketing. Pay Per Click (PPC), and you don't pay if they don't click or visit your site. Compare that to fixed priced marketing in a local magazine. You are not guaranteed anything at from that adverting, yet it's a set price. If your site receives no traffic from that advert you pay regardless. A very different financial model and i'm sure you will agree that the more modern one is better for your business.

In Google Adwords you can target these people with very little spend. You could set up an account to only target searches within a 30 mile vicinity. You can set how much you spend to as much or as little as you want.

For some businesses Google Adwords may not work but if there is one thing i'd say is to try it, even for a single week and a spend of £100. One of the many great things about Adwords is that you are in full control of spend, timings and Ads. If it doesn’t work out for you, you have not committed to any large fee, any contract or any commitment. Does being in total control of your marketing sound like a pipe dream? No need to dream.

This article deals with Google Adwords however, the term, pay per click marketing isn’t specially related to Google. It's just that Google has huge market share ( roughly 90%) over their competitors, mainly Microsoft Bing, certainly in the UK.

In future posts i will cover the negative side of Adwords and tips from beginners to advanced level.