FLV controls not showing in FLV Playback

A very quick post today but this might be helpful to fellow Flash’rs.

I couldn’t get the controls of FLVPlayback to show when uploaded on a live server.

After an hour or so of looking for the solution, i worked it out.

The skin / controls are published in its own .swf, that is quite straight forward.

What you need to do however, is place the MojaveExternallAll.swf ( in my case, but can be any skin ) in the same directory as the file producing the swf code. This was showreel.php found in the root directory. By simply moving your skin file in there ( the root directory), will solve the problem and the FLVPlayback controls will now show. This is because of the way SWF Object works. There is a method that you can edit the component file, but for the sake of one tiny .swf file in the wrong directory, i dont think its worth the hassle. I hope this is helpful, if anyone is having the same problem.