FireFox 3.6 on Mac OSX has a bug with SWF Object / Flash - 1 px out

Checking through the Media Surgery site itself has proved interesting.

The site was developed on a Windows Vista machine checked in all major browsers and both main operating systems – Windows and Mac OSX 10.6. The browser bugs were sorted and the whole check list of things before going live was addressed.

Firefox recently has updated to version 3.6, so all sites were checked again on the main browsers and everything once again seemed OK.

However, checking on Firefox 3.6 on Mac and not PC there was a clear discrepancy. The Flash file at the top ( Windfarm) seemed to be a single 1 pixel out. After trying to debug and trying numerous different positioning methods, it turned out to be a FireFox bug. The incredibly strange thing about this bug is that its only seen in different widths. So you can manually resize the browser and it can then appear or disappear depending on width. Very, very strange and can certainly be described as “buggy”

Go ahead and try giving the element

#my-element-id { overflow: auto; }

Which is reported to solve it in some instances. It didn’t work in my testing however.

The only way this can be fixed is if Mozilla sort this properly is if they do it themselves.

What to do?

Please post in the comments below and also go to the Mozilla Firefox bug page and leave a comment. This will make them aware of the problem. The more noise people make about it, the more emphasis will be on them to take action, which will reportedly, be addressed in version 3.6.1.