EE Cookie law and ExpressionEngine

The EU cookie law comes into place on the 26th May 2012.

Why has this been legislated in the first place? Did some devil in some back office in Brussels when he was having bad day just dream it up to become famous or draconian? No, it's a privacy issue. This is what its based on, they have decided for us that third parties should not gain details about users. The question really is however what that information is. If your website is going to be tracking and kinds of personal information used, sent and sold then you might have a problem.

What does this mean for Website owners in the EU? (European Union made up of 27 countries including us in the United Kingdom.) Well, in reality you could ignore it and the chances of any action from the EU would be absolutely minimal. To enforce a law with a such a loose definition and with millions of sites going to be sitting on this premise of they might be doing wrong is out with the capabilities of any government department ever created.

In the area of ExpressionEngine, EllisLab have thankfully but overcautious (in our opinion) removed these cookies in version 2.5 which is due to be released by the end of May 2012. There are however be a huge number of version 1 sites and version 2 sites which will fall “foul” of the law. However this law however states cookies that are non essential. Now EE cookies have been essential in the running of the software. From a Media Surgery point of view we will certainly be keeping our eyes open on any developments, but in pragmatic terms there is little to worry about. Lets hope it stays that way as the user experience on any site that has any kind of security worry will affect brand reputations, click throughs and trust in sites. For what benefit or security for users others? None.