Beware of overseas data rate

A short trip over the beautiful area of Bavaria, Germany, last month turned out to be a very expensive trip indeed! It wasn’t the cost of the flight, the cost of the hotel or even the cost of food and drink!

The culprit was the handy, yet too handy, Apple I-Phone. Browsing Google maps and keeping up with news from the British Isles cost an astonishing £280! At £7.05/MB that works out at measly 40 megabits of data! Browing one Google map of the area is about 300k of data and represents £2.35 of British currency.

The I-phone is very handy bit of kit, being able to check emails just about anywhere and view any website( well close – any website without Flash) on the go is what people have dreamt about for a good while. Off course mobile phones have had the ability to get online for a number of years, however its the I-Phones touch screen and fantastic usabilty that makes it a “joy” to use, rather than “fiddly” when comparing it to previous mobile browing experiences.

The Edge network is of course, free to use if you are within the boundaries of the North and Irish seas, but be very aware if you happen to turn “Data Roaming On” when travelling out with the United Kingdom.