3 CSS tricks / bugs in Internet Explorer 7

A quick post today with 3 bugs and the solutions iv found to fix them.

1.) I wanted to get rid of the border on the input fields within a form. You would naturally try input: border:none; However and strangely that didnt work.

The Fix: input: border-width:0;

2.) IE7 and below were showing the scrollbar within a textarea even with the textarea having a absolute height

The Fix: overflow:auto;

3.) The strangest one of the 3. I wanted to get rid of the default text in a submit button. ( There has to be text for accessibility). I tried text-indent:-9999px which worked perfectly in Safari and Firefox.

The Fix: text-indent:-9999px; color: transparent; text-transform: capitalize;

I hope that helps anyone coming across any of these bugs in Internet Explorer. Did it work? Leave a comment.